Turn your Pe-can’t into a Pecan…pie that is!


So an American themed dinner party has encouraged me to attempt this pie! Really struggled to get a recipe that was in grams and not American cup measurements so this is a hybrid pie of my Internet research!

I did cheat the pastry but I can make a short crust so I didn’t feel bad for long and I was in a rush.

You will need:
a pack and a half of pecans halves (100g bags)
4 eggs
85g golden syrup
1 tsp vanilla essence
2 tbsp dark rum
50g butter, melted and cooled
85g light muscovado sugar

Basically roll out your pastry to cover a pie dish ,12inchs is fine or you could do little ones it would make about 6 mini 10cm pies!

Chill pastry in fridge whilst beating all the ingredients together, apart from the pecans. When all the ingredients are combined stir in the majority of the pecans.

You could chop them all roughly and put them in the pie OR save some (1/3) for decoration like I did!

Then add to the chilled pastry case and bake for aprox 30/40 ( keep an eye out after 30) at 180 degrees!

A few other notes;
Use a metal pie dish if possible I used a ceramic one which meant the party wasn’t a crisp as I would have liked!
It will look very raised out of the oven but will deflate!

Leave to cool serve with ice cream or cream!

Happy pie making!

Anna x





My beautiful friend and fellow PGCE buddy Jenny got married at the weekend! (She gave me the inspired title for this blog).

Her wedding was spectacular and the food was incredible!

When we arrived at the marque (a short hike across a style and a field)  we were pleasantly greeted with vintage china and a nice cup of tea! I had managed to nab myself the best mug in the tent adorned with the faces of HRH Prince Charles and the late Diana (excited doesn’t even begin to explain my emotions!). But, alas, I was not allowed to “borrow” it.

We then had a hog roast, simple bliss, everyone was content stuffing their faces with pig and apple sauce and stuffing.

The most exciting part of the evening for me wasn’t any of the above, nor any of the beautiful cupcakes made by Jennys sister, it was the actual wedding cake (for want of a better word). A masterpiece of cheese! The best idea ever, nearly all of it was gone by the end of the night! Served with crackers and a plethora of chutneys and jams it was delightful! Suited the relaxed, loving atmosphere of the day and was absolutely excellent after several classes of gin and  dance floor feet!