Once upon a time when I was young and 17 me and a group of friends decided that instead of baking cakes and bringing them to parties we would create a bowl of sweets that everyone could share…we gave them the novel name of Ekac (cake spelt backwards).

Occasionally we bring back the Ekac for special occasions and is weekend was my friend Elise’s birthday. Elise is one of the founding members of the Ekac club and we made her an extra special one, layered with loads of sweets and chocolate, we even found a special seal tight vessel so it was portable!

Very fun and very easy to make!

Happy Ekac making.




I’ve been meaning to create a really simple chicken pie recipe for a while now! Managed to create this. Cheated the white sauce by mixing some chicken soup with chicken stock and cheated with the pastry too!

The basic mix comprises of chicken, leek, mushrooms and onions in the sauce and sprinkled with some dried parsley and garlic and topped with puff pastry.

It makes a really simple relatively quick dinner I shall post the recipe when I have finished experimenting with the recipe!

Happy baking!





My beautiful friend and fellow PGCE buddy Jenny got married at the weekend! (She gave me the inspired title for this blog).

Her wedding was spectacular and the food was incredible!

When we arrived at the marque (a short hike across a style and a field)  we were pleasantly greeted with vintage china and a nice cup of tea! I had managed to nab myself the best mug in the tent adorned with the faces of HRH Prince Charles and the late Diana (excited doesn’t even begin to explain my emotions!). But, alas, I was not allowed to “borrow” it.

We then had a hog roast, simple bliss, everyone was content stuffing their faces with pig and apple sauce and stuffing.

The most exciting part of the evening for me wasn’t any of the above, nor any of the beautiful cupcakes made by Jennys sister, it was the actual wedding cake (for want of a better word). A masterpiece of cheese! The best idea ever, nearly all of it was gone by the end of the night! Served with crackers and a plethora of chutneys and jams it was delightful! Suited the relaxed, loving atmosphere of the day and was absolutely excellent after several classes of gin and  dance floor feet!








Sunday Roasts


After a lack of house Sunday suppers we decided to make a roast!

Chickens lathered in butter and stuffed with lemon, carrot, and onion. Roasted for 1.5 hrs!


I had pre made the Yorkshire Puds during the day so they only needed heating through just before the chicken was finished!


For pudding I made apple crumble! Accidentally added too much vanilla essence but it tasted really nice! Still working on the topping so recipe to follow on a later date!